Image Compressor

Why would I need to change or reduce image size?

Remember, you cannot increase the size of an image, you can only reduce image size. In order to make it smaller, you need to compress the image. We can help you with this through use of our online photo compressor (

There are a number of reasons that you may need to reduce image size in kb. Here Here are some of the most common ones, although your reason may still be different!

  1. In order to publish an imagine online, either on its own or as part of a blog post or article, the size needs to be small. This allows the image to load quickly on the reader’s browser.
  2. Whenever information is transferred over the internet, the bytes of data need to be sent to a receiver for the signal to be picked up and translated into an image, video or text.
  3. Images that have been compressed are easier to send, as they have less data attached to them. This makes the process simpler for everyone involved
  4. Data storage is also far more efficient when images are compressed by an image compressor such as
  5. Since compressed images are smaller in size, they take up less space on your hard disk drive. This allows you to make far better use of your storage as you can store much more photos on the same amount of online or disk space.
  6. If you want to post your photos on your Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram profiles (or any other sites that you may use), the best thing for you to do is compress jpeg.
  7. If you are wondering why, we will tell you. Social media platforms store billions of photographs and images. In order to upload them quickly and access them easily, you will need to use our photo size reducer! This will allow you to upload or view many images without them taking a long time to load. Wouldn’t that make your social media experience so much more enjoyable?