About Us

Compressjpeg.org is an online free tool that allows you to compress images in the most hassle-free way. If you are wondering how to reduce file size of jpeg or how to compress jpeg to smaller file size, then you’ve got your answer.

Our team consists of a group of passionate and tech savvy individuals. Once, one of our team members was looking for a free yet quality image compression tool on the internet to compress the photos of his recent vacation. Sadly, he wasn't very delighted with the results he got, and that’s how we ended up making this free image compression online tool. We can connect to our users, and that is what lets us understand their requirements and confusions. We believe in providing a tool to Reduce Image Size that our millions of users from every corner of the world can rely upon.

You can use our free tool 24/7 to reduce image size in kb. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any queries & for feedback so we can make it even better.